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Photo by: © Iris Egilsdatter Somby


- a platform for "heart projects" rooted in ancient values and traditions

“Ever since we were born, our parents have facilitated cultural learning. The Sámi language, luohti and duodji form the basis of our values and our lives. Cultural preservation, societal challenges, de-Norwegianization and the responsibility for cultural transfer to future generations have shaped our art project, OZAS."

OZAS means “in the front pocket”, and refers to the chest pocket in traditional Sámi clothing, a space where one places their most precious and dearest belongings - closest to the heart.

OZAS is an audiovisual art and music project consisting of sisters Sara Marielle and Risten Anine Gaup. The sisters work with many different types of musical and artistic expressions. For example: traditional luohti / yoik concerts (a cappella), traditional/modern luohti /yoik concerts (with instruments), luohti / yoik workshops for children, youth and adults, and concerts, performances and exhibitions where they mix traditional and modern yoik with music, film, art installations, dance and theatre. Their lyrics and texts are mainly in Northern Sámi, while others are in English. 
OZAS is a platform that was created by the sisters in order to discuss topics and issues that are important to them. It is a space that reflects overarching global topics while still working on issues that have strong local resonance.



About OZAS:


A continual mixed media art project, that develops in beat with cycles and reactions. 


The front figures Sara Marielle Gaup and Risten Anine Gaup form the core, together with musicians Andreas Mjøs (Jaga Jazzist), Terje Johannesen and Torben Snekkestad. But the venture is open for involving other artists for projects and performances. 


Concert venues, museums, art festivals, online, TV, VOD, workshops, pop up performances. 


Creating songs, videos, installations (paintings, moving images, VR, holograms) and dance choreographies that brings up different aspects of the topics they want to communicate. 


To be a project that acts as an organism which brings current topics in society up for dialogue. To spark debate about current matters seen from a Sámi and indigenous perspective. 

The goal of OZAS is to present concepts that inspire change for the better when it comes to human conditions and relations to nature, culture and self-identity. 

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